Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby

Dear Beanface,
Six months ago (and a few know your mommy can't do anything RIGHT on time can she?) we met for the very first time.  Your arrival, not surprisingly as you are my child, was dramatic and fraught with adventure.  But that isn't what I want to tell you.  I want to tell you how wonderful it has been to get to know you.

You were so small when your daddy and I got to meet you for the first time.  We both looked at you with tears in our eyes because you were so perfect. A bit blue, but they fixed that right away!  Then your Aunty C and Uncle C, your Papa, Grandpa, Gan and 'Ma'came right in to meet you and you were surrounded by all of those who loved so much you even before they met you!  They were soon followed by all the other aunts and uncles in your life that love you and were excited to meet you!  You might be the most loved baby EVER!

Every day has been a wonderful adventure with you my little bean.  I treasure every minute that I got to hold you snuggling in my arms when you were only a few days old.  I have watched you discover, learn and conquer the world for you are super baby.

Now that you are laughing, watching things, talking your bean language and trying to grab everything in sight, I see the little man that you are going to become.  You are curious and strong, filled with a ready laugh and giggle at so many things.  You love cats and plastic bags, trains and squishy blue stuffed dogs, eating your feet and blowing raspberries and of course, Sophie La Giraffe.  You think blueberries taste yummy, squash is awesome and peas are very very gross.  I tasted the peas and I agree with you.  Trust me, when you can eat fresh spring peas, you will think they are yummy, but right now, we'll hide them in the squash okay?  You are a flirt and a joker and you wear every emotion on your tiny little sleeve.  You are king of the exersaucer and lord of the cheeks! You are above the curve in every way my son!

Thank you, sweet bean, for teaching me about love, patience, joy and happiness.  Because of you, I have learned to love you and your daddy with more of my heart than I knew was there.  Because of you, I have learned that nothing is important enough  to miss the best things in putting on baby socks or blowing raspberries on bellies.  Because of you, I have learned that nothing is better than a family of giggles.  Because of you, I have learned that it is my duty to make sure everything I do, or almost everything (apparently I still need to pick up my socks.  blah), makes me well and truly happy.  I am inspired to do great things to make you proud.

I can't wait to see what the rest of our adventure holds!  I love you little man!