Thursday, July 19, 2007


I have been reticent to complain about my job on this blog, but at this moment, I can think of nothing else than how frustrated I am every day when I come to work.

I love my job. I am good at it. I know I am doing great things for a group of people who really need it. I have successfully secured hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding this year and increased our profile tenfold.

But my board president fills me with a pure unadulterated rage like I have never felt before.

I hate her.


Hate like flaming hot knives through the base of my scull...hate.

She is forcing me out of my job due to her evilness. She is a giant useless tit.


I give you an eerily accurate representation of the boss from hell...

I work for Mimi.

She smells like Llama poop because she owns a ranch, she NEVER says please or thank you and she just informed my co-worker that I needed to start booking travel because...really...what else was I paid to do.

She treats me like I am her indentured servant and a complete moron. She is totally condescending and from what I can tell...stupid.


I am OFFICIALLY on a job hunt.

Then...I am on a Mimi hunt....mwa ha ha ha ha.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Early wake up call...

This morning I went to work early.

New Westminster is a different town at 7:45 am...

Instead of the guy commenting on my ass "oh YA baby...uh uh uh are FINE", I walked by the desperate men hovering around Labour Force waiting for the 8 hours of minimum wage work they may get if they are lucky.

Just up the street, instead of the happy plant watering lady in her crazy hats, I see the "babies" hanging around the teen centre, just waking up after a night of sanctuary in the one place they feel safe.

Instead of the smokers crowding my office stoop, I see a man sleeping in the doorway, just down the street from the Porches, Audis and Land Rovers of the Rotary Club members meeting just above his head.

I wonder where all these people go in one short hour when I and the rest of the office workers come in. Do they become the angry guy and his girlfriend fighting in front of the payday loans place over who's turn it is to buy drugs? Do they become the drunk guy who likes my ass? Or do they just become invisible until the next morning when they look for their jobs, safety or stoop to sleep on.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dancing on the Edge of Insanity

Last night I went to see Nick and Juanita by Tara Cheyenne at the Dancing on the Edge Festival. AMAZING! I may be slightly biased as I know Tara and think she rocks, but her performance was one of the best I have seen in years. She combines Dance and Theatre effortlessly and seamlessly so that a "theatre snob" like me would go and say "wow, what a great theatre piece" and a "dance snob" would go and say "wow, what a great dance piece". Sadly, this is her last performance here, but she will be performing it again soon I am sure, and a tour is planned. If EVER you see a poster for one of her performances (last year's bANGER was phenomenal) GO SEE IT!!!

Prior to the show, I saw an actress I had been in a show with about 5 years previously. I shall call her PumpKin.

Below follows our interaction...

I am on the phone. PumpKin waves and smiles. I get off the phone and walks up to PumpKin to be friendly.

SK: "HI PumpKin! Great to see you" (I do NOT move in for a hug as I hate the whole 'all actors must hug all the time thing').

PK: "OH MY GOD! ITS YOU!" and leaps on me for a hug. Note...she does not use my name as it is obvious she does not remember my name. I see her at least twice a year.

PK: "SO...what are you doing? What have you been up to? Are you not LOVING this festival? Have you been to lots?"

SK: "Um...well...this is my first show. I know Tara. How about you?"

PK: "Well, I am embarrassed to admit that this is my first show too, but I am sure it will be FANTASTIC! So...what are you doing?

SK: " acting. I am the Executive Director of a small non profit that provides support to children with disabilities and I..."

PK: "OHMYGOD! That is so great? Do you love it? I know you must love it! Do you love it?"

SK: " really what i set out to do, but it works for now. How about you?"

PK: "Oh...well...I am STILL acting-feast or famine you know...I am doing a little thing here and then am off to rehearsals in Calgary. And then...well...who knows. Right? Am I right? Sometimes I wish I had made a choice like you, but I just can't, you know?"

SK: "" At which point I punch her in the throat.

Okay, I didn't. But I REALLY wanted to. REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to.

Actors are dorks. They all need to be hoisted on their own petard. Seriously. Where does she get off. SHE is still acting....grrrrr...I really should have gone for the throat punch. chosen profession is filled with self centred morons. THIS may be why I took the break...i knew there was a good reason.


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

I turned 35 Friday.


I am halfway to 70.

I understand that 40 is the new 30 (whatever the hell THAT means), but i can't help but feeling a bit nostalgic for my younger years.

The years when I was young and carefree and could drink and dance until two in the morning without needing to recoup for 2 days.

The years when the men that hit on me in bars weren't hiding their wedding rings behind their male patterned baldness.

The years when I could play 3 hours of a sport and not want to die the next day.

The years when clerks didn't call me "ma'am".

I have decided however that THIS will be my year. I am getting married to the man i love, soon i hope to be starting a new and fabulous career and I will get back on that acting horse.

If only i could do it without aching.