Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Early wake up call...

This morning I went to work early.

New Westminster is a different town at 7:45 am...

Instead of the guy commenting on my ass "oh YA baby...uh uh uh are FINE", I walked by the desperate men hovering around Labour Force waiting for the 8 hours of minimum wage work they may get if they are lucky.

Just up the street, instead of the happy plant watering lady in her crazy hats, I see the "babies" hanging around the teen centre, just waking up after a night of sanctuary in the one place they feel safe.

Instead of the smokers crowding my office stoop, I see a man sleeping in the doorway, just down the street from the Porches, Audis and Land Rovers of the Rotary Club members meeting just above his head.

I wonder where all these people go in one short hour when I and the rest of the office workers come in. Do they become the angry guy and his girlfriend fighting in front of the payday loans place over who's turn it is to buy drugs? Do they become the drunk guy who likes my ass? Or do they just become invisible until the next morning when they look for their jobs, safety or stoop to sleep on.

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