Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy birthday kiddo

It seems I like to go on two year hiatuses (hiatii?).  My last blog post was about my son turning six months old...which is kind of crazy considering he'll be four in 6 months...so here goes.

Happy 3rd and a halfth birthday kiddo.

You make my day.  Every day.  Every morning when I hear you scream (yes...you scream.  You are not one for quiet.  Much like your mother) 'MOMMY' I get the biggest smile on my face.  You are my ray of slightly stinky (you really are becoming such a boy) sunshine.  Your father and I could not love you more.

You love to dress up in costumes...generally super hero focussed, but sometimes you have been known to be a koala bear or horse.  You love to sing and dance and play soccer and be silly. You love trains and dinosaurs and painting and play-dough   You do not love being still.  You also do not love cherry tomatoes, which honestly I think is really strange.

You are painfully shy on first meeting new people and then suddenly, you will blossom.  You have the memory of an elephant and are horrid at telling knock knock jokes.  Hide and seek is not your strong suit, but if you could, you would play it every minute of every day.  Your favourite person in the entire world is your father...which is awesome because he's one of mine too. You also love your best friends, your grandparents and your aunts and uncles unconditionally.  You love meeting new kids (less sure about meeting new adults) and will do just about anything for a hug and a cloudy kiss.We went swimming last week and you swam around like an otter in a life jacket, wanting no help from mommy...no matter how much of the pool you swallowed.

You will eat cucumbers, snap peas and fresh sweet organic carrots like they are going out of style.  You are a butter pig.  You love 'MAC O CHEESE', bananas and beans.  You will try every new food once...and sometime will continue to love it and sometimes you will think it is horrid. You recently discovered BBQ Pork as a good food...which is awesome. You think cooked pears are gross (yah, I kind of get that) and love exploring the produce section of the grocery store in the hopes of finding new fruits and vegetables.  When you are pretending to be a koala, you will only eat salad.

I love that you are becoming an amazing little person...but it makes me sad because soon you won't be my little man.  Soon you won't SCREAM for me in the morning to come give you cuddles.  Soon you won't want to play with my hair as you drink your milk, or cuddle with me under the white blanket and watch movies on Friday nights.  Soon you will be embarassed by my kisses, and cuddles and want to be independant and alone.  And that will break my heart.  But right now, you are my little puppy...my bean face...my koala and I will take all the cloudy kisses and snuggles that I can so I can save them in my heart forever.

I love you puppy...more than I ever thought possible.


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