Monday, March 12, 2007

I tried on Liz Hurley's wedding dress!

Well, almost.

In the effort to find THE dress (which I did...YAY! I look fab in it too!), I went to an assortment of stores. One that I went to labels itself as the largest in Canada. It may well be, but I would not recommend anyone venturing there. The sales tactics were REALLY high pressure and their prices were much higher than anywhere else.

One of the dresses that the saleswoman brought me was a strapless version of Liz Hurley's dress. She looks lovely and ethereal and slightly less boring than usual.

I looked like a deranged chicken. The sales person said I looked fantastic and dramatic. A fellow bride behind her kept mouthing to me "No! No! No!" I ran from the store shortly after.

But I am certainly less boring than Liz and my fiance is way hotter than hers. WOO HOO!

In further boring celebrity news, Boring Liz is no longer the host of one of my favourite shows "Project Catwalk". It is now boring Kelly Osborne. Snore. Kelly Osborne drives me batty-she presents her self as an edgy style maven, but she is really just a spoiled brat. Papa don't preach indeed.

Oh well-it promises to be an EXCELLENT series. I have already picked my favourite designer- Wayne Aveline who is the tattooed mustachioed gentleman on the left of the back row.

From his bio...

Wayne is a 32 year old gay Buddhist from Birmingham. He now works as a Club Host at Birmingham and The Cross, but was a womenswear designer for Sisley when he lived in Italy. Wayne has a BA (Hons) Fashion Design from Central St Martins, and won fetish designer of the year at the Erotica Awards.

He specialises in haute couture, women's evening wear and avant-garde. Wayne has no problems working with fur, suede or leather, and gets frustrated at people's narrow mindedness. Wayne was an extra in the Spice Girls Movie, and in keeping with these days wears 11' heels making him a looming 7"1'. Bold and outspoken, Wayne said that most of the designers were "shit" at call-backs.
GO WAYNE GO!!! His dress kicked ass this week! I am looking forward to what he comes up with in future episodes.


hot-lunch said...

Oh but have you heard of Chris Falcon???? i met him once and he is the Bobby Trendy of Vancouver's wedding dress scene. (re: that is NOT a good thing!) Luxurious!

sasskitty said...

FABULOUS! what is wrong with wedding dress designers? Brides want to feel beautiful-the don't want to look like deranged poultry!!!

hot-lunch said...

maybe they think they are outfitting a drag queen so they go over the top with it?

i love seeing Lorelai Gilmore as your icon. LOVE. IT.

sasskitty said...

I do what I can to amuse you my friend:)