Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Facebooking with my bad self

Like Hot Lunch, I too have been drawn into the web that is Facebook. I have been quite enjoying roaming around and looking for people I have lost-and am now finding. Yes, there are some people showing up that I would rather not see, but for the most part, it has been a highly addictive (yah, like I need another one) cyber adventure.

One of my ex high-school classmates that I found (yay) mentioned that we all looked better than we did in high school. Thank god that is true.

Perhaps it is because none of us were comfortable in our skin then. I know I wasn't. I was the academic drama geek who played sports and was the class clown. Yup, I was apparently schizophrenic. I dated a football player (which upped my cool factor) who then dumped me because his best friend (who I saw last year and he is a TOTAL loser. payback rocks) said I wasn't cool enough only to try and get back together with me weeks later. dork. My eyebrows looked like caterpillars (hooray for my esthetician goddess) and my hair was...well...really freaking big. And I thought I was fat (boy was I dumb. dumb dumb dumb). I was friends with everyone, but not really close to anyone as I was too busy performing all the time. I didn't fit in, but I didn't NOT fit in...know what I mean?

Only recently have I decided I like who I am, and that its okay that I am a smarty pants who likes to be on stage but can also throw a mean football. I think that makes me look better on the outside because I feel better on the inside...

Wow...Facebook...apparently it brings out the introspective side too...

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