Monday, May 14, 2007

Random thoughts from Skytrain commute

  • If I say "No thank you" to your free copy of 24 Hours or Metro it is NOT a personal slag. Please don't give me the look of death or glare at me.
  • Deodorant...its a good thing
  • No matter how cool you THINK you are, once you wear a fanny pack, all that coolness goes right out the window
  • Volume knob-use it
  • Stop staring at my boobs. Yes, they are real and they are spectacular. They are also spoken for. And you smell.
  • I can see you picking your nose. We all can. It ain't pretty.


hot-lunch said...

i used to feel guilty for saying no to the metro/24 hours people. now i just whisk by with narry a word to them. i use the same approach to panhandlers. heartless? possibly. efficient? yes. guilt free? absolutely!

sasskitty said...

Indeed! I actually feel bad with the panhandlers, but the metro/24hours peeps drive me INSANE! the 24hours woman at Edmonds actually snorts at me DAILY when I turn down the paper.