Thursday, June 7, 2007

Facebook etiquette

So I have been "booking" for awhile and I have just started getting the friend requests that I have to think about.

People I barely know are asking to be my friend (which is very flattering and creepy all at the same time). A girl I went to elementary, junior and high school with that I barely talked to and didn't really like has just asked to be my friend.

What do I do?

Do I say "no...thanks...but I remember you picking your nose and eating it and....well...ew"

Do I say "sure...why not...I really hope you don't pick your nose and eat it anymore. Because...well...ew"

What does "friends" mean on facebook? There are people with HUNDREDS of they really know them? And if they DO...why am I not that popular? Does it matter if I say "yes" to someone being my friend if they really...well...aren't even slightly? And never were? Its been GREAT to find people that I actually am looking forward to catching up with. But people that I don't even have a shared history with...what do we catch up ON???

Oh Miss Manners...where are you when I need you???


hot-lunch said...

i hear ya sister!

i have had numerous ones that i would have liked to have rejected but simply said yes to out of mere laziness.

however, there is ONE that i got that immediately made my back crawl and I thought, NO. this person is NOT my friend. NO NO NO.

So what did i do? I just ignored him. I see the friend request everytime i log in, but I gloss over it.

passive agressive am i.

culturalcruise said...

This is why I don't join facebook...I can barely keep up with the people I consider good friends never mind being strong-armed or 'face'-armed into accepting people into my realm of existence I could not give a F&%3 about!

sasskitty said...

there is that cc...there is that.

On the flip side, it has been great for catching up with the people that I "lost" and haven't seen in years and am enjoying catching up with.

I also see its networking potential...i just haven't capitalized on it...

Stylefinder said...

heh - I too have said yes to many "friends" because I figured, well, what the hell. Facebook is great but sometimes it feels like a curse.

But hey - I have caught up with some people from highschool that I haven't seen for years, and totally forgot about, but now totally can't wait to stay in touch more regularly!
great blog, btw. :-)