Monday, June 11, 2007

Snore-ny Awards

Last night I was all aflutter as the 61st annual Tony Awards were on TV.

I love the Tony's. Hot Lunch and I bond over the best performances, what play we wish we could see, and how HOT Hugh Jackman is (rrowr)

But this time? Oh lord. I was SO BORED!

I knew I was in for a bad time when I discovered there was no host and that the first introduction was from Angela Lansbury.

Oh dear.

The theme was "there is a little Broadway in all of us". I could make some kind of lewd comment about the sexual promiscuity of actors here, but I won't. Although it would have made the show more exciting.

They were trying to prove that the American Theatre was still viable. So they used famous film actors to do so. HUH? The famous dudes would come on stage and say "I remember the first time I was on Broadway...ya da ya da ya da". Of course for most of them, the only REASON they were on Broadway is because they were famous film and TV actors first. So what does THAT have to do with the viability of American Theatre? And who said it wasn't viable? They sold over 12 million tickets on Broadway last year. TWELVE MILLION! I think its still viable. They need to stop whining. VANCOUVER theatre...not so viable. THAT'S who needs help...

Two of the top shows on Broadway right now are Mary Poppins the Musical and Legally Blonde the Musical.

Dear lord. Perhaps Broadway wasn't all I thought it was...LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL???

I usually watch the Tony's and fantasize that I am the one on stage accepting the Tony...
I would like to thank my junior high school acting teacher Roger Carr for supporting me all of those years and making me believe I could do this. I would like to thank my mom and dad for being super awesome and my fiance for being SUPER HOT and agreeing to marry a deranged actress. And finally, for everyone who ever said I couldn't do it...THPPPPT!
This year I watched and fantasized that maybe the Jersey Boys would perform naked.

No such luck.

I star watched a bit...some good dresses...and some bad ones.

Marcia Gay Harden needed to be slapped. Or her stylist did...

Claire Danes needs to eat.

Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs are the hottest couple. Ever. DAMN they will have beautiful children.
I went to bed early. I didn't even stay up for the Spring Awakenings number...I figured it would be on You Tube...and lo an it is. Hard to see...but sounds good. Damn...only thing I should have stayed up for...

Fingers crossed for next year...who knows, maybe I'll be there... (gotta dream big)

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