Thursday, September 6, 2007


I am about to head into the third round of interviews for the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD EVER!

I am so excited I might explode.

Its one of those jobs you dream about. You know the one...the job that falls on your lap? The one you didn't apply for but were recommended for by a friend? The one that seems way too good to be true? Yah...its one of those jobs.

The first interview was 15 minutes long. I was interviewed by "The Dude". It was casual, and cool and we talked about morris dancing.

They think I rock.

I think they rock.

I might explode.

At this moment I am waiting to hear about when the next interview will be- I have made it EXTREMELY well through the first two stages, but now need to meet..."THE CLIENT". Its KILLING ME! I want to stalk them mercilessly. I want to bake them banana bread and send them flowers telling them i love them.

But I must remain cool...calm...collected. For I am a professional. I am a career woman. I can take the pressure.


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