Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Operation motivation

Alright, so i have done all the big things I set out to do this summer.

Okay, the one big thing.

I got married.

It was a success-no one died (believe me...it was close...really close), the food ROCKED (many props to the magical chef and the WORLD'S BEST POTATOES at the Diamond Alumni Centre), and everyone looked FIERCE, if not slightly drunk (yes Hot Lunch, this means you).

I may post on the whole experience later-there is a lot more to being a bride than I thought. BEAUTY HURTS!

But now that I don't have that, I am in a pool of procrastination. I SHOULD BE frantically looking for a new job, trying to write more, starting to look for an agent, looking at producing my own show, working out more, cleaning my house, and looking for a new apartment.

Instead I am surfing the net, filing and checking out facebook.



Or win the lottery...that would SO ROCK!!!!

Sigh...we shall see...


culturalcruise said...

I think my dear what you need to do is pare down the list (for now) and then prioritize...and set deadlines...I find deadlines very motivating - stick to the deadlines!

sasskitty said...

Gee...PRIORITIZING AND DEADLINES? Wow...thats way too logical.

I am going to go back to eating bon bons and buying lottery tickets:)

hot-lunch said...

again, congratulations!!! :) yes, i think i had had half a beer which therefore means i was pretty much plastered. Yay!!!

matty said...

Congrats!!!!! Yay!

...and, I'm so glad no one was harmed!