Sunday, March 10, 2013

What's in a number?

I'm still not feeling better, so now we're onto abdominal ultrasounds!  YAY!  It's not severe...whatever is wrong with's just, well...wrong.  Let me tell you, I thought I was done with ultrasounds when I gave birth to my only child. This. Is. Not. Fair.

This whole health thing has had me pondering my age.  I turned 40 in July of 2012, and since then there hasn't been a day where I haven't thought "I'm 40.  What does this mean?".  I feel my life ending, or is it just beginning.

My body is starting to betray me.  I now have to stretch before football practice (I don't, so it hurts like a son of a bitch when I am done).  I have weird ailments.  I have to pluck my chin of that one hair that comes out of nowhere (what IS that).  I need to start using moisturizer and have an actual skin care regime.

But really...I'm only 40.  I can still do anything and have the wisdom of my youth behind me.  I don't look 40.  I don't act 40 (except the morning after football practice).  I have confidence in many abilities that I never had before. Things get better with wine...and cheese...and my hair. But I still keep waiting for my life to start.

How many times can I say "it begins now" before it starts to sound ridiculous.  How many times before...I stop trying?

Okay begins now. Lets do this thing.

But first...back to bed.  Football practice yesterday seriously almost killed me.

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