Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rain, rain...

I have a strange confession.  I like the rain.


I like it when we get rainfall warnings and torrential downpours.  I love splashing in puddles...with or without my son.  I love hearing it on the roof or my windows.  I even like driving in it.

I don't like the days where it kind of rains.  Where its grey and overcast and blah.

I like the heavy duty, soak you to the skin, don't bother straightening your hair kind of rain.  I love the way my city smells when its over...clean, refreshed and ready for the world.  I love the sea of umbrellas as people navigate their way through the precipitation.  I love shaking the rain off of my umbrella and stomping my boots to get ready for the day.

Rain?  BRING IT!

Thank God I live in the Lower Mainland.

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