Monday, March 4, 2013

Under the weather

Lately, I have been feeling under the weather.  Gross shall we say.  Weak, dizzy, a general feeling of malaise.  I have described it as like being drunk without all the great benefits of actually being drunk.

I got a series of blood tests and such done and today I find out the results.

I know something is wrong...I've seen the results.  I don't know what they actually mean, so my head is going into all sorts of horrible places involving death, drastic life changes and medicine coming out of my ears. Diseases that begin with L, I and D. I turned forty just over six months ago...has it finally caught up with me  I am I officially over the hill?

Does this kick me in the butt to finally change the way I've wanted to?  Eating healthier, doing more exercise and making more of my life...watching less TV, playing more, writing more and putting down Sly Cooper?

I hope so.  I hope its only a scare and nothing worse.  Although my brain sure doesn't think so...

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