Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thumbs up review-Idiocracy

A few weekends ago, the fiance, the brother-in-law and I watched Idiocracy by Mike Judge of Office Space (have you seen my stapler?)fame.


Idiocracy stars Luke Wilson (sigh) and Maya Rudolph. Wilson and Rudolph play an "Average Joe" and a prostitute subjected to a military experiment which puts them in hibernation, from which they are to awaken in one year. However they are forgotten and instead emerge 500 years later in a world where "typical Americanism" has resulted in a uniformly stupid humanity.

As a follow up to Office Space, the film was highly anticipated by fans and critics alike. But it was not available for preview by critics, its much-delayed release received no publicity, and it was finally seen in only a small number of theaters with a limited release of 130! As a result, widespread conjecture arose of deliberate suppression by the studio. Despite these troubles, the film received largely favorable reviews by critics and viewers. Praise focussed on concept, casting, and humour and the film's release issues received the worst of the criticism.

Time Magazine, Esquire and Slate all comment on the movie and Judge's treatment by the studios. There are a variety of theories bandied about, but personally, I think the movie was hidden because it really hits the nail on the head. North Americans LOVE stupid! And fat! And easy! The smart may be getting smarter but its the dumb asses that survive!

From the Slate review...

Idiocracy challenges a central article of faith in American life, the notion that we are destined for moral, material, and intellectual progress. And what if things really are getting worse? What if, more to the point, we really are getting dumber? Recently there's been some troubling evidence that the arrow of intelligence is pointing downward. A British study found that the intelligence of British 11-year-olds has actually declined during the last 20 years. Data from the Danish draft board indicate that intelligence peaked in the late-1990s and has now fallen to levels not seen since 1991, when MC Hammer-inspired parachute pants were all the rage. If that's not enough to make you slit your wrists, I don't know what is.

To his everlasting credit, Mike Judge doesn't counsel despair. Instead, he's telling thoughtful Americans that we can't expect other people to solve our problems for us. If you're alarmed by the callousness and the crassness of our culture, which you certainly should be, do something about it. Lead or follow. Getting out of the way is not an option. Failing that, you should at least try to outbreed the people you hate most.

Thumbs way up Mr. Judge! Keep on doing that crazy thing you do!!!

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matty said...

You know, I rented this quite by accident and loved it! Mainly, I rented it because I enjoy looking at the Wilson Bros. ...but Maya Rudolph was so funny in this movie!

Good find!