Thursday, April 5, 2007

I am a BAAAAD blogger

I have been on a self imposed hiatus. am REALLY frustrated at my job so have not felt the desire to be creative. I have since decided that that deep blue funk is OVER!

I will be back to blogging up a first, some highlights of what has been up during my absence...

  • Decided on the theme for the wedding! YAY!
  • Joined a running group-urgh. I hate running, but i like being in shape. yuck. I also had a gauntlet dropped on me by the brother in law to be. He wants to do a triathlon. He wants me to do it with him. Hence, I am running. yuck
  • Friends of ours had THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BABY IN THE WORLD EVER! Welcome Emilia!
  • Scored Peter Fox shoes at VV Boutique
  • Napped
  • Plotted world domination



hot-lunch said...

Welcome back! nice find at VV!

matty said...


Now, what is the theme to be, then?!?!?

sasskitty said...

The theme is "its only natural"

I will pause for an "awwww" from the crowd:)