Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jason Lee-Freebie or Freak?

Jason Lee makes random appearances on my Freebie Five. He shows up when I watch him in Kevin Smith movies (yes, I love Kevin Smith movies. I am the only woman in the world who loves Kevin Smith movies. I get that. Shut it) and he makes me laugh. He also appeals to my inner skater chick, even though I land on my ass every time I get near a skateboard. He leaves every time I remember that he is a rampant Scientologist. And that he has named his son Pilot Inspektor. I am not making this up.

Today, he is making me laugh...

I give you...Earl and Randy

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matty said...

Remember when he was the star of the skate world!?!?!? My little brother had his poster all over the place when I was in high school. he is a movie star! ...and, funny!

...and following a cult!