Monday, February 19, 2007

The closet that ate Manhatten

This weekend the affianced and I cleaned my closet. This is a scary and becoming annual event. It probably should be done monthly, but I think that might kill me.

I am a clothes horse. I am not good at getting rid of clothing that just isn't right any more. The affianced however is BRILLIANT at it and is invaluable in the clothing purging process.

Our system is such:

I sit on the bed and stare at the closet. The affianced pulls out items of clothing and asks a simple "Yes or No?". Based on response, the clothing is placed in a Yes or No pile-yes goes back in the closet, no gets taken to charity. If I say yes and he REALLY hates the item, he raises his eyebrow and I relent and it gets tossed in the no pile. The eyebrow probably works as it makes him look somewhat like my guilty pleasure crush The Rock utilizing the People's Eyebrow. Don't mock me. Watch The Rundown and you will understand. He's also brilliant in Be Cool as a gay actor who sings country music. The movie is not great, but worth it for him.

LOVE the red suit!!!

But I digress.

So...we purge using the tried and true method of "yes, no, eyebrow". We then rapidly take the rejected clothing to the closest donation box so I don't get tempted to go through the box and pull out stuff I regret getting rid of. I then reorganize the remaining clothing into a organized fashion and suddenly I have a BEAUTIFUL closet full of clothing that is lovely, as opposed to something akin to Fibber McGee's closet , which is what I had before.

I hate cleaning...I am bad at it and it makes me cranky. I am NOT an organized person by nature, as I have mentioned before. My fiance is AMAZING at it and he is a god when it comes to cleaning. A nice match I think.

As much as I bitched and complained about doing the clothing purge, I am really happy I did it. I feel refreshed and excited-a new closet beginning so to speak. If only doing the cleaning wasn't so agonizing. And, as I see from Hot Lunch, apparently I was doing it for Chinese New Year. Who knew? I was washing away all of my bad clothing luck in preparation for a New Year. Perhaps involving shopping trips to the H&M in Coquitlam? Of course, that'll refill the closet...sigh...

Will this madness ever end?


matty said...

Yay! New Year Cleaning!

Take care at H&M. ...everything I've bought there seems to fall apart on me.

Maybe I'm too hard on clothing. Same thing happens with stuff from Forever 21.


hot-lunch said...

a new year, a new wardrobe!! your closet is now full of good luck!!

matty said...

I cleaned out my "murse" or "messenger bag" on sunday. Maybe it will bring my magical good luck! ????

Anyway, I sorta/kinda tag'd you and Hot Lunch on my blog. Since I didn't officially tag anyone I don't think you're required by law to comply, but it would be cool! Want to see your answers!!!

sasskitty said...

I shall respond to the tag tomorrow...I am in three days of courses on Legal Limberness, Financial Fitness and Accounting Athletics for Non-profits.


my brain hurts...

matty said...

I hate it when my brain hurts. Tho, I usually discover it isn't my brain -- it is my hair.