Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Fashion or Death (apologies to Eddie Izzard)

I like to see myself as a reasonably stylish individual. I know what I look good in, and have my own sense of style-reasonably current with a "soupcon" of...well...me. Curvy may be coming back in style (bless you America Ferrera et al), but I'll be damned if I will wear those freaking skinny jeans or anything else of that ilk. For me, the short-short skirt was something I wore in grade 9 when I wasn't dressed in all black in honour of my lost youth (I had dark moments in grade 9. Most of them because of a tragic hair cut, but I digress).

I am not a huge fan of trends. I am suspicious that many of them are a joke (like the return of legwarmers)

So today, I would like to comment on some of today's fashion choices by people who are slaves to fashion.

I am not talking about movies stars etc. They are blinded by their popularity and assume that they can do whatever they want BECAUSE they are famous. Case in point...the Olsen twins. I am sure they KNOW that they look ridiculous. How can they not?

Ladies-buy a mirror and a eat burger or 80. Do us all a favour.

And take a look at Bridgitte Neilson and Flava Flav...I know its hard...
Blinded by their own questionable celebrity, they make questionable choices. I do wish they would stay inside though...

I digress again.

Today I speak of the tragic fashion choices of the general public. People who own mirrors and are not flocked by paparazzi or stylists telling them how to dress.

These people SHOULD know better!

Case and point-this morning.

It was chilly and damp. I was bundled up in a down vest, scarf, a long sleeved shirt, jeans and boots. I was cold. As I was walking briskly up the stairs to the skytrain, I noted I was following a woman who is my age wearing a wispy blouse, some kind of strange contraption that resembled a coat, a short crocheted black skirt (shudder), small pink underwear (yup...the skirt was THAT short and I was walking behind her. I did NOT need to see that), knee highed pink socks (shudder again) and Ugg boots. The ONLY item of winter apparel this woman was wearing was the heinous boots. What was WRONG with her? Who doesn't wear tights or some kind of leg covering in the winter? And UGG BOOTS? WHY??? Whomever decided that UGG boots were a stylish fashion choice needs to be hoisted on their own petard. Immediately. This woman was carrying a briefcase of some kind, so was heading to work I assume, and that work was probably NOT on a street corner, so WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY??? My guess is she saw it in a magazine so assumed it was appropriate outside the pages of Vogue or W. Its not.

It upsets me deeply as you can tell...

Oh Stacey and Clinton...where are you when we need you???


hot-lunch said...

Mika has a fabulous song on his album called Big Girl (You Are Beautiful). I love it!!

sasskitty said...

Oh Mika...I love Mika.

Did you get his album???