Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Emotion of the day-EWWWWWWWWWWWW

Picture this.

February 14, 2007.

New Westminster.

A tall fluffy blonde girl running up the street to plug her parking meter.

Its raining, but she usually doesn't mind the rain, but she is wearing red fuzzy heart antlers on her head as it is valentines day and she doesn't want them to wilt.

So, she runs.

She is not wearing appropriate shoes for running uphill. This fact alone is not surprising. She is wearing her fantastic new boots from Hush Puppy that she just LOVES thank you very much, but they are certainly not appropriate for running up hill.

But she runs anyhow.

As she approaches the car, she slips and almost takes a header down the hill on her tuckus. She looks down to see what she has slipped on and discovers...

A discarded used condom.

Next to another discarded used condom.

And an unused condom.

In the middle of the sidewalk.

On Begbie St in New Westminster.

Completely in the middle of the sidewalk at 11:00 am on a Wednesday. AND THEY WEREN'T THERE AT 9:00 am EITHER BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE SLIPPED ON THEM THEN!

So they were fresh.


If I didn't love these boots so much, I would SO burn them!

I used to say that New Westminster is the armpit of British Columbia. I may be wrong with that judgement however. Apparently it may be another body part.


hot-lunch said...

well at least someone got some on Valentine's!! good for them!

sasskitty said...

always looking on the bright side...well done Hot Lunch!

matty said...

I know it really isn't funny, but it kind of is --- and I'm impressed that a new pair of boots, pretty furry antlers, rain and rancid condoms didn't stop you from your mission!

You rock!

sasskitty said...

oh it is funny! It truly is!

I am convinced that candid camera is always hiding due to the strange things that happen to me. I once walked into a light post because the woman in front of me was wearing a fake cat tail (NOT Halloween either) and I couldn't stop staring.

Things just happen to me...its amusing really:)