Friday, February 9, 2007

Web adventures for the week

Its the most Fridayish Friday EVER! I have a cold, I am having a REALLY bad hair day, and I so don't want to work.

So...lets explore that wild and wacky world wide web!

Dance Sister Dance
You can star in your OWN Scissor Sisters Video! Add a picture of yourself, choose the outfit and accessories and there you go! OH THE FUN TO BE HAD!!!

Ian's Shoelace Site
I really don't understand this. Its an entire site dedicated to tying shoelaces. This confuses me to no end. I thought a shoelace was just a shoelace. I am most concerned. But it gets worse...

Snkr Frkr Magazine
Another site dedicated to shoelaces and the sneakers that hold them. The owner of this site interviews sneaker customizers and gives mad shout outs to "Professor Shoelace", whom I have linked to above. I don't understand any of this.

Things My Boyfriend Says
The affianced and I want to hang out with this couple. They are eerily similar to us. They may be the pint sized version of us on the other side of the country. I think its the French Canadian male thing-odd perverse senses of humour and fear of spiders.
I quote from her site...this conversation could have happened in my home...
me: I think it's funny and cute that I get into bed and put my cold feet on you to warm them up and you frown but you don't say anything.
e: That's because I'm busy thinking loudly about hating you
Save the Ta-Tas
My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago-and she kicked its ass I am proud to say. Because of this, I have become alarmingly aware of all breast cancer related merchandise and feel the need to purchase it instantly. It is only through sheer power of will and fear that my affianced may kill me if I bring home any more chatckes that I restrain.

I am shocked and appalled that I didn't find these t-shirts sooner. I would have worn one CONSTANTLY during mom's surgery and treatment and at all of her Dragon Boating events (and yes, if you go to the site, you will notice that my mother and all of her boating buddies will be in a feature film. How cool is THAT?). Five percent of EVERY sale goes toward breast cancer research. AND they have shirts for boys too! WOO HOO!


hot-lunch said...

where and how do you find these??!!

sasskitty said...

Stumble upon my friend...its all about the stumble...

And a friend of mine sent me a Dance Sister Dance card...priceless

matty said...


from where did your profile picture come? my B saw it and said, "Oh, I love her" ...but, I don't think he knows you.

Who is that in the picture?


I know that Hot Lunch is not Kylie, tho! ...tho, I be he could out-Kylie Kylie if wanted to do so!

matty said...

Oh! Wait! It's the actress from BAD SANTA!!!

...I feel pop world stupid.

I loved that movie.

sasskitty said...

No worries Matty!

Hot Lunch is convinced that the writers from Gilmore Girls (where the picture is from) followed me around to created the character of Loreli Gilmore.

Her name is Lauren Graham.

matty said...

I need to check this show out sometime! I wonder if it on DVD.