Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by Matty from his bit o' space...so here goes! Would love to see how Cultural Cruise responds...I know Hot Lunch already has...

Name a book that you want to share so much that you keep giving away copies:

I Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

I have given this book to too many people to count. It makes me cry when someone I love is reading it, so I have to leave the room. Its such a simple and beautiful tale and I love the story as to why Munsch wrote it.

Name a piece of music that changed the way you listen to music:

Goldberg Variations by Glenn Gould. Not one piece per say...but is IT!

THIS is how to play the piano. When I listen and watch him play, I know why I love playing piano, even though I don't do it anywhere near as much as I would like to. I have always admired the way he plays...not only is it perfect, but he is transported by the music. His whole body plays the piano. He was also a bit of a fruit bat, but most geniuses are, aren't they...

Name a film you can watch again and again without fatigue:

This list is extensive because...well...I love re-watching movies-its like they are old friends!

32 Short films about Glenn Gould-perhaps a bit of a theme here?

Colm Feore is brilliant in this, which is why he remains one of my favourite actors. A fabulous example of true Canadian Cinema for a true Canadian genius.

The Princess Bride

I can actually say most of the lines in the movie along with the actors, somewhat like a deranged Monty Python fan (Hello...my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die). I have seen this movie an insane amount of times...it is the ULTIMATE "I feel like crap and I am not leaving this couch even for a house fire" movie.

Truly, Madly, Deeply

This movie, more than any other I have seen, is really about true love. About letting go, holding on and that gut wrenching feeling one gets when in love. This is the movie that made me a fan of Alan Rickman and put Juliet Stevenson on my top actress list. I sold shoes to her and I almost fainted I was so excited. It makes me sad that no one knows who she is and that very few people have seen this movie.

Also on the list are Arsenic and Old Lace, Mallrats, and any cheesy action type movie including James Bond ...yes, even the ones with Timothy Dalton, Indiana Jones and the Rundown, .

Name a performer for whom you suspend all disbelief:

Daniel McIvor. LOVE him!!!!!

Name a work of art you’d like to live with:

Starry Night by Van Gogh. Anything by him really. I think I am attracted to mad genius artists...hmmm...

Name a work of fiction that has penetrated your real life:

Boy's Life by Robert McCammon. I have never been a 12 year old boy, but I am pretty sure if I was, I would have been this kid. This is the only book I have ever read that made me weep at the end, not because it was touching (because seriously, I weep at the drop of a hat), but because it was over and I wouldn't be reading it anymore.

Name a punch line that always makes you laugh:

Mallrats...Brodie, played by Jason Lee, walks directly into a metal beam-totally random.

"Where the hell did that come from? What's going on here?"

It loses something in the translation, but it KILLS me when I see it.

Cultural Cruise (when you return from La La land) and Deep Sioux (assuming THIS will get you blogging again)...you are tagged!


matty said...

I love your list!!!! Thanks for doing it!!!

You know someone gave me that book and it made me so sad. ...but I love that final page where the boy is holding the old woman.

You know you're the second person to list Glen Gould!! I did so love that film!!!

And, I remember thinking that the actress in MADLY DEEPLY was the first I ever saw to actually cry the way we cry when we do cry on the screen. Brave performance if you ask me!

sasskitty said...

I totally agree! Her performance was super brave! Whenever I watch that movie I cry earlier and earlier with certain scenes because I know what's coming.