Thursday, February 8, 2007

The germs of evil

After months of valiant fighting from my immune system soldiers, the tiny little bacterium have submitted to the stronger foe. Scratchy throat, sniffy nose, swollen glands and achy joints have indicated that the battle has been lost.

I have succumbed to the germ monster.
I made it through the death flu of December, the plague of November and the snottastic extravaganza that was October. My co-worker works with small children, and she CONSTANTLY brings in new and exciting viruses to expose me to.

I have fought them all and won.

Sinus infections-HA!

Bronchitis-I laugh at you!

But this morning, I woke up the scourge of them all.

The common cold.

I am an AWFUL patient. I have been whining non stop since this morning. Its just a cold...and not even a particularly bad one, but still...WHY ME??? I demand sympathy from all around me.

I am usually a bit of a "boy" when it comes to things like this, to paint the planet with a stereotypical blue brush. If my leg were to be severed, I would proclaim loudly, somewhat like the black knight in Monty Python, "It's just a flesh wound!". Torn calf muscles and ankle surgeries mean NOTHING to me! I got my tonsils removed and did a play two days later. Pain? BAH!

But if I catch a COLD...I don't want to leave the house. I almost asked my fiance to stay home with me today to feed me soup.



i'm pathetic


culturalcruise said...

Yes you are and if you are still sniffing on Saturday I want you nowhere near me or any white dresses!

sasskitty said...

i make no promises.

Misery DOES love company though...

hot-lunch said...

ohhh :( get well soon!!!