Friday, February 16, 2007

Greening the planet-Links to love

In honour of Valentine's week, lets LOVE OUR PLANET!

Here are some great links and resources to help you be more responsible, sustainable, Gore-able, and earth friendly!

Alternative Consumer
The Alternative Consumer is for the next wave of smart consumers … chic, savvy shoppers who want to integrate more “green” into their shopping lives. Promoting cutting-edge design, progressive initiatives and wise alternatives that stimulate a positive impact on the environment — one purchase at a time! This site is great for those who want to make informed buying decisions, and pursue more responsible, eco-conscious lifestyles.

Ready Made Magazine
I love this magazine. All about repurposing those items in your home you just don't know WHAT to do with. One of this month's project is making a coat rack out of wooden hangers. It looks fab and is a great space saver. They provide excellent green resources and really encourage a recycled living attitude. AND encourage you too look hip, fab and stylish while doing it!

Green Communities Canada
Green Communities Canada is a national network of community-based non-profit organizations that deliver innovative environmental programs and services, with a focus on household and community action. Green Communities Canada supports member organizations in working together to achieve environmental sustainability, including healthy ecosystems and communities, sustainable resource use, and clean air, water, and soil.

Green Options
Green Options provides great tips, tools and options for Greening the Good Life. With a blog, discussion forum, Green Life Guide and all the cool swag you can get your hands on that are green, useful and practical! They are an excellent guide through all the green websites and items that have popped up over the years.

David Suzuki Foundation
You can't beat the Doc when it comes to environmental responsibility. This guy ROCKS! This website provides some great tips and tools for being more green in your life. And seriously, if you can EVER go see him speak DO IT! He is a fantastically enigmatic speaker-there is a reason he is in the top ten as the GREATEST CANADIAN (and I still can't believe Don Cherry was on that list...Terry Fox, Tommy Douglas and DON CHERRY? Canadians have some serious hockey issues)!

One Day Vancouver
One Day is a web portal about taking small steps to reduce energy use, at home and on the road, to make Vancouver the cleanest, greenest, healthiest city in the world.

HR MacMillan Space Centre
Okay...I know what you are thinking. HUH? The Space Centre? Thats right...the Space Centre. The Space Centre is moving in a new direction and is looking at how to better "our space in space". The Sustainable Spring Break Event promises to be very cool...I hear rumours of great prizes!

Enjoy! Explore! And give a little bit o' love to that big old globe we call home!

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Thanks for giving us a "green" shoutout.
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