Friday, February 2, 2007

This is SUCH a good idea

We are so doing this at our wedding!



hot-lunch said...

loves. every. minute.

I really like the lady in the blue dress at the end for some reason. She looks a little awkward, yet so into it. You go girl!

Cute groom.

sasskitty said...

Isn't it FUN!

I wonder if we should all wear a shiny glove while doing it?

culturalcruise said... we are not...but I am not against a Madonna medly ;-) spend all day on youtube don't you??? How about those biznatches...who are now famous for cutting her hair off as a bride?? On youtube - it was a real commercial for sunsilk -- let's get on we can do morning talk shows too!!

sasskitty said...

You would ROCK in a thriller performance.

And can you see my dear sweet fiance in a Madonna melody? Lets be realistic...MJ is SO much more his style...

hot-lunch said...