Thursday, January 11, 2007

The cleanse-day 4

Here are some helpful tips on completing your very own cleanse...

  1. Embrace the brown rice. It is your friend. You MUST think of it that way, because I never want to see another grain of brown rice again and I have 8 days to go. oy.

  2. Don't fear the butter. Especially on the popcorn that you are allowed. yumtastic

  3. Almond butter rocks the house. Even on rice cakes.

  4. Soy milk really tastes okay when it is hidden in coffee. Thank God for the permitted 2 cups of coffee a day. What with the sugar headaches and the cheese withdrawl, if I couldn't have 2 cups of coffee a day, I would have had to cloister myself for fear of stabbing people.

  5. And finally, and most importantly, do NOT look in the toilet! Not to get too graphic, but I made the mistake of looking and I spotted a raisin. I don't know when I ate my last raisin. Could be weeks, could be months, could be years. I am very afraid.


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