Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Emotion of the day-Angry

I may have previously mentioned a love of skytrain.

I am rethinking that statement.

It took me one hour to get home. I live and work a two minute walk from the train, and I travel two stops.


They are a fair distance apart...but still...TWO!

Apparently there were electrical issues on the track so there were frequent stoppages during the usually 10 minute trip. Skytrains were being forced to merge onto a single track, so massive delays occurred. Disembarking at my station, I saw transit police EVERYWHERE, yellow tape cordoning off areas, and HUNDREDS of people waiting to get on the train. I had to push my way off the train as people were trying to get on. (This is another pet peeve of mine. Why can people not WAIT for passengers to exit the train. Logically, we were occupying a space on the train that you can fill up, so why don't you wait the 4.5 seconds it takes us to exit the freaking train before leaping on to it! Idiots!)


This is not the first delay. Snow kills the skytrain, god forbid there is a heavy wind, and I don't even want to THINK about what is going to happen when it starts to rain again.

Ladies and gentleman, we seem to have a transit system that cannot handle WEATHER!


According to Translink, which is run by a group of men and women who I am assuming have NEVER had to use public transit,
SkyTrain moves customers quickly, efficiently and reliably across the region through 33 stations along the 49.5 kilometres of the Expo and Millennium lines.
QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY? I could have walked home faster, if I wasn't wearing inappropriate shoes (damn my obsession with inappropriate shoes).

I want a refund. I bought a transit pass because of the CONVENIENCE AND EFFICIENCY of the aforementioned skytrain, and seriously, they have NOT been delivering! I DEMAND SATISFACTION! I want either a refund OR I want them to offer me a ride to work everyday. AND if they give me a ride to work everyday, it must be in a Prius or another low emissions vehicle so I make less of a footprint on the earth which is WHY I take the freaking skytrain!!


I am an unsatisfied customer. These boobs provide a public service, the public is their customer, and I am guessing that customer satisfaction is not job one for them.

AND...what is going to happen during 2010? DEAR LORD!!!! Aren't we supposed to be a World Class City? I believe one of the criteria is an advanced transportation system. I think we may be running a little short on that regard.

Oh skytrain...why have you forsaken me?


hot-lunch said...

yowzas!!! i'm glad i chose to walk home yesterday! it must have been fate. i was scrounging around in my bag for bux tickets and couldn't find them. Of course, I found them the moment I got home, but by then I had already walked for half an hour.

sasskitty said...

Good choice dude! It was ALARMING!
I don't think the buses got it as badly, but still...