Thursday, January 11, 2007

Working girl blues-Oh that wacky skytrain

Let me start off by saying I love the skytrain. It's speedy (when there isn't snow or wind), it usually doesn't smell (unless someone barfs), and it gets me where I need to go. I also do my commute in the opposite direction of rush hour traffic, so I always get a seat! What's not to love?
I enjoy my moments of relaxation as I plug into my portable music player of choice (sorry, they get enough press on their own. I view it as one small poke in the eye of corporate America), open up my book, escaping to the world of whichever book I am reading (which right now is Stark by Ben Elton) and pretend that I am NOT heading off to work.

Sadly, my little imaginary world is destroyed as soon as I get to my destination stop-the New Westminster Skytrain station.

The New Westminster Skytrain station is a very unique station amongst the myriad of them in the Lower Mainland. All walks of life lurk its oderous halls, most of them drunk, for you see the New Westminster Skytrain station is attached to a bar. Seriously. When you walk off the train and down the escalator, to your left is a bar. Scruffy McGuires. I am not making this up.

On an average day when I walk the gauntlet off the train through the station I can count on the following things to occur:
  1. I will receive at least 3 indecent proposals from men who are drunk with no teeth, one eyebrow, questionable hygiene skills and, on one occasion, carrying a long stick with a hook on it...A HOOK!
  2. I will witness at least one drug deal
  3. Someone will be talking about porn loud enough for most of BC to hear
  4. At least one woman dressed in skin tight leather, lace or satin will look disdainfully at me and snort.

Today, in order to mix things up, the indecent proposal included an offer of drugs. At least they are getting more creative.

In an odd way, however, I have grown fond of the New Westminster skytrain station. I get my morning ego boost, I see interesting people, and I get to hear about all the newest porn titles out there. WOO HOO!

Again I say...what's not to love?


hot-lunch said...

newest porn titles? Do share!

sasskitty said...

Usually the discussions involve where to rent, best money shots and how many orifices were used, but if they mention titles, you will be the FIRST to know!