Monday, January 15, 2007

Emotion of the day-Stunned

A complete stranger spat on me today.

I am fairly certain it was unprovoked. I don't think I have offended anyone recently enough to cause them to spit on me, or to tell their friends to spit on me. I am not a member of the Masai tribe of Africa, who apparently spit on each other as a greeting or farewell.

And yet, the spit was spat.

I was walking innocently along Columbia St, heading for my office, when a man pedaled by me on his bike, snorted a sound that pigs everywhere aspire to, turned his head and hocked a massive loogie on my shoe.

I know he saw me. I am 5'9" tall and today am wearing a bright pink trench coat. BRIGHT PINK! You cannot miss bright pink. And I was the only other person on the sidewalk...its not like I blended in with the masses toddling along Columbia. It was just me. In my pink coat. He would have to be blind to have NOT seen me. And if he was blind, why the heck was he riding a bike? And, if we was blind, it still doesn't excuse the rat pig bastard for spitting on my newly polished shoe!

What is WRONG with people? Who spits on a stranger's shoe? Seriously...who does that?

When Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan introduced Project Civil City, announcing that the overworked Vancouver Police would be getting tougher with offenders of public bylaws involving jaywalking, spitting, urinating in public etc I thought,

"Does this man not have enough to do? What about the homeless? What about the arts? What about the variety of special needs non-profits that are begging for money daily? (small plug for the day job). Shouldn't the police be, I don't know, ARRESTING BAD GUYS as opposed to preventing itinerant spitting? Get a grip Sam!"

I have always thought of Sam as a whiner and a wimp and a boob. He is actually on record for giving people money SPECIFICALLY to buy drugs! He evidently does not have a firm grasp on reality. Why introduce Project Civil City NOW?

I now know. Well done Sam Sullivan! If people cannot be trusted to restrain themselves from public urination and spitting on random strangers shoes, I think we need to fine the pants off them then give the money to the small non-profits that are begging for money daily. In fact, lets TAKE their pants and make them stand in a public place to be spat on and mocked.


I now must go burn my shoes...they seem to be covered in spit.

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hot-lunch said...

omg, i'm so sorry!!! that's awful! but now you have the PERFECT excuse to go out and buy new shoes, no??