Friday, January 26, 2007

John Cusack rocks my world

I love John Cusack.

I have heard John Cusack described as "the thinking woman's Brad Pitt". I don't know that I would go THAT far (come one...Brad Pitt in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith? RRROWR!!"), but I do think he is QUITE fantastic and sexy. I see movies simply BECAUSE of John Cusack (America's Sweethearts anyone?)

What's not to love? Lloyd Dobbler...In your eyes...Say Anything? One of the greatest moments in movie history, and it just would NOT have been the same without John Cusack.

The affianced and I saw a John Cusack movie on our second date in fact. Being John Malcovich-yes, a really odd choice for a date movie, but I think it set the right tone for our relationship.

This morning while getting ready, I chanced upon Must Love Dogs guessed it...John Cusack. Also in the movie are Diane Lane (she is fantastic and gets more gorgeous all the time! you GO girl!), Christopher Plumber, Dermot Mulroney, Elizabeth Perkins and Stockard Channing.

I was totally hooked! It was funny, endearing, and...well...had John Cusack! I'll admit...I am a total sucker for romantic comedies, so I had a bias, but this one was really enjoyable. I'll have to watch the whole movie as opposed to random bits. Not the typical romantic comedy either...actually reasonably intelligent, and even the dogs are cute.

I have decided that over the next few months watch Cusack's entire oeuvre in order...which means I need to start with Class, starring Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy, but hey...could be fun in a retro, vintage kind of way, right? The fiance is off to the sunshine coast for a few days in March. Maybe I'll watch them all then. Anyone up for a Cusack slumber party?

In honour of Johnny boy, I completed the quiz below. The results are not that surprising considering he's playing a character created by Nick Hornby. And I DO have a kick ass record collection. And alot of mixed tapes (which are CD's now, but who's counting).

Which John Cusack Are You?


hot-lunch said...

Being John Malkovich is one of my favourite movies of ALL TIME.

sasskitty said...

I do what I can to make you happy:):)