Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A-List-Cultural Cruise

As I have mentioned, one of my resolutions is to write more. For years I have mumbled about writing. I really enjoy it, but honestly, I have the stick-to-itiveness of a...well...extremely non sticky thing. And, as previously mentioned. I get REALLY distracted by shiny things

Last year, some other would-be writers and I decided to BEAT writers block and unstick-to-itiveness and create a writers group.

The Draft Dodgers were born.

The Draft Dodgers is a group of HIGHLY talented writers who get together and...well...

Drink wine.

We all wrote...mostly. But we really enjoyed getting together and TALKING about writing more than anything.

Then one of us moved to Greensboro, North Carolina.


Another one of us is moving to Ontario.


But we will persevere! The Dodgers are more committed than EVER to keep the dream alive!

Hence...this blog was born. To keep me writing and to keep me in touch with my lost fellow Dodgers!

And now...another blog is born...

Meet...Cultural Cruise!

The author is a member of the Draft Dodgers and is an A-list sassy chick with GREAT hair and scads of talent! Check her out...her computer is behaving badly (she is on the hunt for a new one), so posts are sometimes brief, but she has got the chops kids!

Welcome to the blogoverse baby!


culturalcruise said...

Thanx for the great intro sasskitty!!!!

matty said...

Oh, I love the idea of a Writing Group! I have been members of Reading Groups but never thought of it the other way 'round!

Yes! Keep writing!

I get distracted by both shiny things and cake. However, I continue to try to write and have just now given up food to get back to my normal 29/30 inch waist self. ...I'm starting to push past 31"! NOOOOO!

sasskitty said...

Matty I hear you...cake is HIGHLY distracting.

Not quite as distracting as CHEESE...but VERY close!

I too have given up food...i miss food...


I love my writing group-we have different styles so we aren't "competing" and we are all so damn supportive its magic!

Pansy Zombie Annihilator said...

Cool, now I get to find out a little more about my soon to be sister-in-law. Oh and by the way, your fiancee is not EXTREMELY neat...neat yes..but not EXTREMLY so. More like a Testosterone Filled Neatness Machine. BOOYAH! ;)

matty said...

Yes, I keep thinking that if I focus on food as being my enemy I will be all ready for the beach by end of next month! I refuse to buy a new bathing suit!