Monday, January 29, 2007

Emotion of the day-Sleepy

I am VERY sleepy today. Drowsy...dozy...soporific...sleepy.

And why?

Because my cat sleeps on my head.

I don't think this is normal.

I have two cats. Captain Jack Sparrow and Stella. Both are rescue kitties-Jack from the SPCA, and Stella was about to be SENT to the SPCA before we saved her.
Stella and Jack-Stella, as usual, is queen of the scratching post. This was taken when Jack was MUCH younger...and not as fat.

Jack is...well...a dork. He sits on his tail bone like Homer Simpson on the couch, he farts, he purrs SO LOUDLY we swear it disturbs the neighbours, and because he is half Manx, he has a curved spine which causes him to walk like he's drunk and he's fat. And, according to the web page I just read, one of his greatest health concerns is overweightness...which is no surprising considering when he was house-sat at Hot-Lunch's abode, he ate TWO DISHES OF FOOD A DAY! I think he thinks he's a dog. But we love him because he is SO FREAKING CUTE!!

Stella is the most beautiful cat in the world. Sadly, she knows that so is a total princess. And a bitch. But thankfully, she is very fond of us, so we are saved from her bitchery. She briefly had a hate on for women with long hair, so would attack the back of their heads when they came to our house. She was also jealous when the fiance and I started dating as she would swat ME every time the affianced and I kissed...evidently she wanted him all to herself. AND I WAS HER OWNER!

She is very affectionate...she likes to sit on our laps and gives us kitty kisses all the time. She prefers to sleep between the two of us at night, I suppose so she can alternate who she tickles with her whiskers.

Sometimes, however, she gets cold. And I think her cure for coldness is to sleep on my head. And its not just the TOP of my head. She wraps herself around my head, ear and neck. All she leaves exposed is my I can breathe I suppose. So I wake up wearing a fur hat. Usually I can sleep through it because its so cozy. She hasn't done it in awhile though, so I haven't developed my immunity to cat-hats. So I kick her OFF my head...fall asleep...and then she sneaks back on and I wake kick her off...and then fall asleep...until she sneaks back on. So hence, the sleepiness.

And we have run out of coffee at the office.

So I am a WEE BIT sleepy...need coffee...must...go...find...caffeine...

I hate Mondays. Garfield was right.


matty said...

Oh, I wish I had a pet! A cat or a dog! I don't care! I'd just love to have one. ...not allowed where we live.

...but I hope you got some sleep last night and that they stayed off your head!!!

...actually, I think that is normal. My kitty used to love to do that. It always made me laugh.

sasskitty said...

No cats on the head last night...thank goodness. lots of purring though...its the purring that is the most disruptive:)

hot-lunch said...

oh!!! there's Jack!!!! more pics of Jack!!!!! JACK JACK JACK!!!!

Also, i think we need a photo of Stella on your head.

Two bowls of food a day... and what?

sasskitty said...

I will endeavour to have a "stella on the head" shot taken"