Thursday, January 18, 2007

I love the Scrubs

I have an addiction.


I watch it on reruns, I have it on DVD, and Thursday...well Thursday is a night of magic.

But tonight...tonight is the night we have all been waiting for with baited breath...

The musical episode of Scrubs. your heart out!

This episode has been composed by the magical team behind Avenue Q!

I so can't wait.

In homage to this fantastic episode, and as a shout out to Hot Lunch I give you...

Guy Love


matty said...

Stopped by from Hot Lunch's site.

I don't know what SCRUBS is, but it looks really funny! I recognize both of the actors. I seem to live in a bubble away from TV. But, if I had access to reception, I would certainly give this show a shot!

Now, how do I get one of those cool tshirts that says "Hug Me" ??? ...because I really want one of those!!!

sasskitty said...

Grab it on DVD...then you avoid the annoying commercials...that's the ONLY way to fly.

Fabulous...very silly. Been on for about 5 years.

The Hug Me t-shirt is marvy...Just iron it on...very old school!

Thanks for the visit:)

matty said...

I've decided that the DVD set will be the treat to myself when I land a job and escape the land of the homeless. know it's bad when you find yourself worrying about spending the money on seeing a movie. Oy!

Was the special fantastic?