Friday, January 26, 2007

Plugorama-Mount Pleasant

This weekend, we will be going to see Mount Pleasant, by local Canadian filmmaker Ross Weber.
This movie opens tonight at the Granville 7 cinema. It is really important for Canadian Features to have good opening weekend, so if you are planning on seeing this movie, THIS is the weekend to do it!

The plot:
Three couples find their destinies irrevocably intertwined in a fusion of obsession and fragile love. Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant is where the middle-class meet the street criminals, prostitutes and drug dealers alongside boarded up businesses, pawnshops and greasy spoon restaurants. Doug and Sarah Cameron (Ben Ratner and Camille Sullivan) have only just moved in to their new Mount Pleasant home when their six-year-old daughter (Haley Adrianna Guiel) finds an addict’s discarded needle in their own backyard. Only four blocks from the Cameron house is Nadia (Katie Boland), a recently turned teenage prostitute and heroin addict who lives in a run down house with her boyfriend turned pimp/pusher Nick (Tygh Runyan). On the other side of town lives Nadia’s regular john, the affluent Stephen Burrows (Shawn Doyle), lives with his elegant wife Anne (Kelly Rowan), full time social coordinator, and their rapidly maturing thirteen-year-old daughter, Megan (Genevieve Buechner) whom both are oblivious to. As these diverse couples interconnect, the course of their lives is changed forever.
The movie is getting great buzz and met with critical acclaim recently at the Toronto Film Fest.
Some great local talent graces the screen in this movie, including two close friends of ours who are SPECTACULARLY talented and VERY good looking!!! RUN, don't walk to Mount Pleasant!

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