Friday, January 12, 2007

Musical Musings-Scissor Sisters

At this moment, I am happily listening to Ta Dah, the new (ish) album from one of my favourite acts, The Scissor Sisters.

"Since not liking the Scissor Sisters is tantamount to not liking fun, let's just assume that everyone already adores this band and go on from there, OK? The Sisters' hotly anticipated second full-length feel like a streamlined continuation of their debut. It's hard to imagine no one had ever called an album Ta Dah! before, but then these sexy troubadours have no trouble subtly reworking the past to make it almost-new and always joyous."
I love these guys...I bop, I groove, and I dream of the day when my friend Billy and I finally start our death metal Scissor Sisters tribute band (nope, not making that up either). I aspire to Ana Matronic's coolness, and FANTASTIC wardrobe...

My favourite track on this album is "I Can't Decide". The perfect mix of camp and death. Loves it!

I am saddened that the band's two Canadian dates are Montreal and Toronto. Hot Lunch and I had a blast when they were last here, it SUCKS that they won't be coming on this tour so far...maybe they'll change their minds, because Vancouver so loves the Scissor Sisters!

Dance my

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